Polymer based Bonding Agent


SIGMACEME’S CEM – AID PLAST is a unique formulation based old on Polymers to be used as a bonding Agent between any cement based products. It is an excellent polymeric solution which strengthens the bond between old and new concrete.

  • It eliminates the need of hacking the old concrete. As such proper hacking is always difficult because after a few days the parent concrete becomes too hard and result in poor hacking.

  • It is a polymeric non-ionic solution. The concrete is not attacked by ions of chlorides, sulphates, alkalies, etc.

  • The adhesive between concrete to concrete or concrete to plaster is very high due to its interaction of polymers. Subsequently the strength of CEM-AID PLAST increases with the passage of time thus giving you the value of your money. Its does not have corroding deteriorating effect on reinforcement steel, hence the bond between steel and concrete is preserved.

  • It gives more yield to your mortar in case of plastering work as rebound loss is minimized.

  • It can be effectively used for bonding between old and new non structural concrete.

  • It can also be used for proper bonding between plaster and concrete without the need of hacking.

  • Clean the surface (where CEM-AID PLAST is to be applied) thoroughly. I.e.it should be Free from dirt, oil, grease, foreign matters, loose materials, etc.

  • In case it is a repair job, and if steel is rusted then remove the rusted film using wire brush, sand paper, etc. And then apply our specially RUST CEASER which removes the remaining rust. SIGMACHEME’S RUST CEASER also eliminates the need of costly and complicated Sand Blasting.

  • on the clean and dry surface, apply CEM-AID PLAST by brush or preferably by sprayer. Ensure that entire surface is covered by CEM-AID PLAST. Or For better result mix with fresh Portland 93 grade cement by 1:1 prepare a lamps free slurry and apply to the surface by brash.

  • Lay the plaster or concrete as soon as surface becomes tacky. The time may very from 05 minutes to 10 minutes depending upon atmospheric conditions.

  • Thoroughly clean the brushes, sprayers with water as soon as the application of CEMAID PLAST is over.


About 100-120sqft. Per liter on a smooth surface.


Upton 12 months when kept in cool, dry place in tightly sealed containers.


vailable in 05 ltrs. 10 ltrs. And 20 ltrs. Packing.