Elastomeric Polymer for Steel Protection


SIGMACHEME’S FERRO PRIME is an elastomeric formulation specifically formulated for the protection of steel surface from corrosion at the same time it provides excellent adhesion between old and new concrete as well as steel. As cement is brittle in nature & has poor tensile & flexural properties with the result it tends to come out from the steel surface on the slightest impact. SIGMACHME’ FRRO PRIME helps gaining the crucial bond between steel & cement and thus creates an alkaline medium around so as to prevent it from corrosion.

  • It is highly alkaline elastomeric polymer.

  • It is mixed with cement forming a co matrix of cement and polymer. Thigh compression property and alkalinity, high flexural strength and extra adhesion of polymer thus giving long term protection to steel against corrosion.

  • The treatment can be provided at site which is particularly useful for repair jobs.

  • It being cement coated, do not suffer any bond loss, when embedded in concrete where as epoxy coated bars are known to suffer substantial bond loss with concrete.

  • Protection to M.S. structure in exposed as well as marine environment.

  • Rebars in new R.C.C. Structures.

  • H.T. wire in pre stressed concrete pipes.

  • Pre stressed cables / strands. etc.

  • Bonding coat between old and new concrete.

  • Clean the Steel surface. Make it free from any loose dust, rust scale etc. using wire brush, steel wool, etc.

  • Apply SIGMACHEME’S RUST CEASER by following the procedure given in its literature.

  • Prepare a homogeneous mix of FERRO PRIME and fresh cement in a ratio 1:1 by weight Apply another coat in the full surface of the steel by brush.

  • After the first coat is set, apply another coat in the same way.


Approximately 90sqft., per kg. of PERRO PRIME per coat depending upon steel surface.


Upto 6 months when kept in cool, dry place in tightly sealed containers.


Available in 1 kgs., and 20 kgs. Packing.