Cement Saver for Concrete Blocks


PLAST- DS 220 is used to reduce material cost by reduction in cement without loss of strength or by increasing strength without additional cement. To get high early strength to improve upon productivity


  • Cement saving - strength, density and yield maintained with less cement.

  • Increased strengths - higher strength without additional cement.

  • Reduction in breakages - reduced breakages through increased 'green strength'.

  • Improved production - production cycle time can be reduced allowing more blocks to be produced in a given period.


PLAST- DS 220 is a brown liquid which has been formulated for optimum performance as a cement saver under manufacturing conditions encountered in Concrete blocks. Improved formulation helps in both cement dispersion and compaction, maximizing the strength obtained from the cement used.

Technical Support

The company provides a technical advisory service supported by a team of specialists in the field.

Specific Gravity : 1.000 -1.010 at 27°C Chloride Content : Nil to IS:456 and 8S:5075
Compatibility : Can be used with all types of Portland Cement
Application instructions

PLAST- DS 220 is supplied as ready to use materials. Optimum dosage is best determined by site trials 0.40 litres per 100 Kg of cement is normally used.


The measured quantity of PLAST- DS 220 should be added along with the gauging water. It should be noted that PLAST- DS 220 should be thoroughly stirred before use. For best results PLAST- DS 220 should be added in wet mixes.

Over dosing

An over dose of double the normal quantity can result in set retardation.

Estimating Packaging

PLAST- DS 220 is supplied in 5, 20, and 200 Iitre containers.


Shelf life

PLAST- DS 220 has a shelf life of 12 months, when stored under normal ambient temperatures. Should be protected from extreme temperatures and stored in shade.


Health and Safety instructions

PLAST- DS 220 is non toxic. Any splashes to the skin should I be washed immediately with water. Splashes to the eyes may be washed immediately with water and medical advise shall be sought.