• SIGMACHEME’S PLAST – IW is a blend of polymeric product and is ideal for use as an integral waterproofing admixture in all types of concrete, cement mortar etc.


  • 1. Low Water / Cement Retio.

  • 2. Effective waterproofing by reducing porosity.

  • 3. Durable and water resistance.

  • 4. Good workability.

  • 5. Better bonding due to its adhesive characteristic.

  • 6. Makes the concrete, mortar dense increasing impermeability.

  • 7. Chloride free.


1. For external plastering work of any structure

2. For all concrete mixes where watertight concrete is required i.e. reservoirs, basement, roof, slab, retaining walls water retaining etc.

3. For all structure and precast concrete without loss of strength as in conventional waterproofing compound.


Appearance : Dark Brown Liquid

Specific gravity : 1.10

Air Entrainment : Less then 1%

Chloride content : Nil as per IS 456

SIGMACHEME’S PLAST – IW complies with BIS 9103 as well as BIS 2645 for waterproof admixture.


To be mixed with gauging water at the rate of 150 ml. to 300ml. per bag of 50 kg. Cement depending upon the requirement.


12 months in original sealed packing stored under shade below 50 approximately.


Available in 1 Lrs., 10Ltrs. And 20Lrs. Packing.