Acrylic Emulsion cement modified and concrete bonding Agent


SIGMACEME,S POLYCRIL-960 is a most versatile copolymer dispersion admixture for sue in multiple purposes related to civil structures.


When used as suggested, it shows following transformed properties.

  • Tensile strength increases by 50-50% after 28 days

  • Flexural strength increases by 60-60% after 28 days.

  • Pull out test increases by 100% after28 days.

  • Chemical Resistance to mild acids, alkalies sulphates carbonation.

  • High Adhesion to concrete, brick, steel etc.

  • Its use enhances the durability of civil structure.

  • Its use as a secondary binder in cementitious mixes improves toughness along with tensile and flexural strengths.

  • Note

    The above dates are practically collected and checked on various sample of mixture of 5 kg. of fresh OPC+15kg. of Quartz Sand + 1kg. of POLYCRIL – 960 With relative quantity of water.


    SIGMACHEME’S POLYCRIL-960 is the most sought after product in the today because of its multiple purpose.

  • Rehabilitation and retrofitting of heritage structure.

  • For repairing faulty concrete surface, flooring screeds and interior renderings

  • Provides durable repairs to spalled concrete floors, beams, columns, slabs, foundation etc.

  • Repairing finished concrete elements, artificial stone.

  • For repairing surface damage without adversely affecting the quality element.

  • Ensure that all concrete, brick or similar surface are in sound condition and free from any loose dirt, oil, grease, foreign matter, etc. wash the surface. Thoroughly with clean water

  • Pre wet the surface. Make a homogeneous slurry by mixing cement and SIGMACHEM’S POLYCRIL – 960 in a ration of 1:1 by weight. Apply this slury as a bonding coat before laying our recommended mix of POLYCRIL – 960.

  • Prepare mix of POLYCRIL–960, cement and Quartz Sand in 1:5:15 parts by weight. Care has to taken that sand and cement has to be mixed dry first and then recommended dosage of POLYCRIL–960 and water to be mixed gradually to achive required consistency.

  • Ensure that the bonding coat is tacky at the time of laying above recommended mortar. The mortar is now laid in approximate layer of 8mm – 10mm each.


The mortar so prepared i.e. 2kg. covers approximately 10sqft. In 10mm. Thickness.


Up to 12 months when kept in cool dry place in tightly sealed containers.


Available in kg., 5kgs. And 20kgs. Packing.