Single component rust remover


his is a single component sulphate and chloride free liquid which removes the existing rust.


  • It eliminates the need of otherwise complicated and uneconomical sand blasting.

  • Removes entire loose scale of rust which otherwise is nearly impossible manually.


    For removal of rust in reinforcement steel of embedded RCC, M.S Struction. M. S. Water Pipeline or any corroded M.S. Section.

  • In any corroded steel section first remove the loose rust by mechanical means i.e. using wire brush, steel wool, etc.

  • Using cotton waste swab, apply sufficient RUST CEASER over the corroded element and let it remain for at least 30 minutes. The rusted steel will become blackish i.e. its original non rusted colour. The surface is now free of rust as of passivation reaction because of RUST CEASER.

  • After approx. 24 hours remove the freed loose rust particles by simple dusting with brush or waste cloth etc.

  • After the drying of steel, say 24 hours later, an additional protective coating of SIGMACHEME FERRO PRIME (see literature) can be given for complete prevention of rust.


Approximately 100sqft. - 110sqft. Per ltrs. on fairly smooth surface.


Twelve month when kept in cool diy place in tightly sealed containers


Available in 1 Itrs., 5 Itrs., 10 Itrs., & 20 Itrs., Packing.