Description of Product

    SIGMABOND PC 84 is a polycarboxylic ether based final strength increasing workability extending non set retarding versatile concrete admixture.


  • 1. For production of pump able and non – pump able high quality ready-mix concrete,

  • In the production of self compacted concrete.

  • In the Production of non – segregating, flow able Concrete.

Technical Data

Obtained in + 20 S, 50% relative humidity conditions

For Ready-mix Concrete Products

1. Enable the supply of high quality concrete to construction sites whenever needed.

2. Enable flow able, low water / cement ratio concrete consistent with Indian aggregate.

3. Enables to produce many grade of a single product for many applications.

For Contractors

1. Guarantees the delivery of the concrete ordered in ready-mix concrete plant to the construction site as “desired and defined in the construction site”.

2. Levels more easily and enables ease of application.

3. Gives perfectly smooth surface finishing in concrete placed in formwork.

4. Enables concrete mixture that is less affected by aggregate and cement changes and enables various concrete designs with a single admixture.

For Engineers

1. Guarantees the concrete’s compatibility to the standards.

2. Enable more durable concrete production.

Structure of the Material 

Polycarboxylic Ether Based


Light Brown


1.05 – 1.10 kg / lifter

Chlorine Content % (EN 480 – 10)

< 0. 01

Alkaline Content % (EN 480 – 12)

< 2

Application Procedure

Binder (cement – micro silica – fly ash) and aggregate must be mixed until a homogenous mixture is obtained. After adding 80% - 90% of the water to be added to mixture, SIGMABOND PC 84 must be added to the mixture along with the remaining water. SIGMABOND PC 84 must be mixed for 75 sec. or for the duration determined in laboratory experiments in the mixture for a homogenous diffusion.


SIGMABOND PC 84Bis suggested to be used as 0.8 – 1.5 kg for 100 kg binder (cement – micro silica – fly ash). The dosage to be used must be determined beforehand by laboratory experiments.


SIGMABOND PC 84be used with the following materials:

1. SIGMABOND PC 84 is not compatible with any other NSF based super plasticizers.

2. Can be used with all cement types.

3. Can be used with micro silica, fly ash and slag where high binding material like self compacted concrete is needed to be used

Watch Points

1. Not suitable to use with any NSF based admixture.

2. Concrete design and admixture dosage must be determined by prior laboratory trails according to concrete class and properties.

3. The determined binder (cement – micro silica – fly ash), at the end of laboratory trials, fine and rough aggregate must be mixed until a homogenous and dry mixture is obtained. If admixture is added to the dry mixture before adding mixture water, then it will be adsorbed by the mixture and uniform distribution will not be obtained. Even if all the mixture water is added on top of this, aimed concrete class and properties cannot be obtained. Since the concrete’s mechanical properties will be below the aimed value. For this reason, concrete admixtures must not be added directly to the dry mixture.


In 230.kgdrum or 1000 Kg tanks



Must be stored in original packing, above + 50 C Environment. If the material freezes because of storing in undertakes environments, it must be thawed by keeping it in room temperature without direct heating, and mixed by mechanical methods until it becomes homogenous. Pressured air must not be used when mixing.

Shelf Life

12 months after the production date under appropriate storing conditions. Opened packages can be used throughout the shelf if the package cover is well closed.

Health and Safety Precautions

Work cloth, protective gloves, goggles and masks concordant with work and worker health rules must be used during storing and application. If such a contact occurs, it must be washed by soap and plenty of water. Consult a physician urgently if swallowed. Food and drink must be kept outside the application areas. Must be stored away from children. Please look at the Material safety Data Sheet for detailed information.


This information given here is true, represents our best knowledge and is based not only on laboratory work, but also on field experience. However, SIGMAPOLYCHEM PVT LTD. is only responsible from the results caused by with the written suggestions of now and where to use the product and / or faulty applications.