SIGMACHEME’S SUPERPLAST – R is a high range, water reducing and slump retention super plasticizer based on Sulphonate Naphthalene Formaldehyde condensate blended with selected concrete retarders.

  • (Concrete Retarding Super Plasticizer)
  • Applicable standards :
  • I. S: 9103 - 1999 ASTM C – 494 TYPE G
  • BS 5057 part - 3


  • To impart high fluidity or workability to concrete, mortars and grouts which will maintain this property for longer periods

  • In the case of pumpable grouts high workability can be maintained for up to 4 hours.


SIGMACHEME’S SUPERPLAST – R is ideal for uses with pumped cement or cement / sand grouts where either long feed lines have to be used, or the rate of injection is low.

To produce pump able concrete.

Hot – weather concreting were set retardation and avoidance of cold joints is essential.

For concretes to be carried for longer distance, and for retention of slump such as in Ready Mixed Concrete plant.


SIGMACHEME’S SUPERPLAST – R does not contain Calcium Chloride or other potentially harmful chemicals. It may used with safety in concrete, mortars, and grouts, which may surround reinforcement, pre-stressing cables and high tensile strength.

Colour ……………………: Brown, nontoxic liquid

Specific gravity………: 1.15 at 20 C

Chlorides & Sulphate…: 7.6

Air-Entrainment…: May increase very marginally

Solubility in water……: Completely soluble in cool water.


As with all admixtures the optimum dosage for particular application is best determined by site trails. Normal dosage of SIGMACHEME’S SUPERPLAST – R is in the range of 250 to 750 ml per 50 kg. (one bag of cement), to be added to the gauging water. For flow concrete is should be directly into the mixer, after the mixing cycle just prior to placing.


SIGMACHEME;S SUPERPLAST – R can be used with all types of Portland cement. Contact SIGMACHEME Technical Department for any advice including CONCRETEMIX DESIGN for the particular site requirements.


One year in manufacture’s sealed drums. SIGMACHEME’S SUPERPLAST – R should be protected from frost, but if becomes frozen it should be allowed to thaw then mixed thoroughly before use.


Packing in 20 ltrs. and 200ltrs. Packing.