SIGMACHEME’S ULTRA HYPROOF is a two component acrylic polymer modified cementations water proof coating which ion hardening provides an excellent water resistant barrier. The unique time tested formulation provides excellent resistance to both positive and negative water pressure.

  • Part A is ordinary Portland where as part B is acrylic polymer. (ULTRA HYPROOF)


  • can be applied directly on any cement based material, porous or non-porous surfaces, concrete, masonry, etc,

  • Can by applied on most / damp surface

  • Can be mixed with any cement based paint for example Snowcem, to get desired shade along with complete water-proofing properties.

  • Can receive any cement based paint over it.

  • Nontoxic in nature.

  • Good resistance. To Carbon – dioxide and chloride –ion diffusion


SIGMACHEME’S ULTRA HYPROOF is the most versatile material giving you the most effective water proofing of roof slabs, terraces, chajjas, flooring and external walls.


The surface where SIGMACHEME’S ULTRA HYPROOF is to be applied should be absolutely sound and free from oil, dust loose dirt, greases, wood etc, which might affect the adhesion of ULTRA HYPROOF Any spelled or disintegrated concrete /plaster must be attended and rectified first with repair mortar consisting or POLYNIX-AR: Cement: Quartz sand in a ratio of 2:5:15 by weight. The mortar prepared by regular curing.

Mix any ordinary Portland CEMENT (fresh and 53 grade) with ULTRA HYPROOF in a ratio of 1:1by weight preferably with low speed drill till the mixture becomes homogenous and freeform lumps DO not add water to mix. The mix so formed should be applied within 30 minutes after making the surface moist. After an interval of six hours subsequent coats be applied.


About 50 sq. ft. per. Coat per kg. of ULTRA HYPROOF depending on the surface.


Up to 12 month when kept in cool, dry place in tightly sealed containers.


Packing in 20 ltrs. and 200ltrs. Packing.